Beautiful Southern Bike Ride

Join us for the 2015 Beautiful Southern Bike Ride.

  • Sponsored by the Rotary Club of Carbondale Breakfast and supported by the Carbondale Bicycle Club.
  • Choose from a 30, 62, or 100 mile ride starting at the Carbondale Middle School (CMS).
  • The 30 mile ride goes south from CMS into Giant City Park. Hilly with a long, fast downhill into Makanda and then uphill to the Visitor Center and the rest stop. After the rest stop there's a lovely long stretch of Spillway Road in Crab Orchard Wildlife Refuge.
  • The 62 mile ride is a challenging ride that goes south and west from CMS and follows the Wine Trail to Pomona and the first rest stop. From Pomona the ride travels east to join the 30 mile ride in Makanda for the 2nd rest stop and the ride back to Carbondale.
  • The 100 mile ride follows the 62 mile ride south of Carbondale to Pomona and Giant City Park. At the easternmost point of the ride, on Spillway Road, the ride heads across Route 13 and north of Carbondale in a loop to Elkville and back to CMS. The riding terrain of the northern loop is open and relatively flat. There is a 3rd rest stop north of Carbondale in Cambria.
  • Entry fee: $15 per person or $40 for 3 or more riders from the same household.
  • All rides start and end at the Carbondale Middle School. Restrooms are available at the school but there are no shower facilites.
  • Registration is from 7-9 a.m. Sags end at 3 p.m. Plan to start in time to finish by 4 p.m.
  • The routes are marked and cue sheets will be provided. The rides will have rest stops with snacks, water, and Gatorade. All routes will be sagged.
  • Helmets are required to be worn by all riders. Cyclists must obey all traffic rules.
  • For questions email us.
BSR registration Meeting On the BSR On the BSR On the BSR Winery rest stop