2024 Beautiful Southern Bike Ride

In 2024 The Beautiful Southern Ride is paused.

  • The Beautiful Southern Ride is paused for this year. The total eclipse of the sun will pass through Carbondale on April 8. It will be one of the longest totalities along the path of the eclipse. Many of us will be involved in this major event in Carbondale. We do not have the capacity to do two major events, one after the other. Thus, we are pausing the ride for 2024. We hope to see you next year.

  • The Beautiful Southern Ride is a Charity Ride. Choose from a 30, 62, or 75 mile ride starting and ending at the Carbondale Middle School (CMS). Restrooms are available at the school but there are no shower facilities. All routes go through the hills and plains of beautiful southern Illinois, including Giant City State Park and Makanda to the south, the edge of Crab Orchard Wildlife Refuge to the east, and Elkville to the north. We've improved the ride based on the feedback from our riders.

  • Sponsored by the Rotary Club of Carbondale Breakfast.
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