The Rotary Club of Carbondale-Breakfast

Weekly Assignments: July - December 2023

If you are not available to fulfill your assignment, please contact the club president.

Date Greeter & Introductions † A Moment * or RI ‡ CT ² or GKO ³
11 July D Stayton B Coffey W Becque
18 July S Vanvooren S Collins K Claiborne
25 July T Anderson J Falat D Becque
1 August B Becque S Heyer S Collins
8 August F Becque A Jaynes J Falat
15 August D Becque S Kroenlein S Heyer
22 August W Becque G Kupiec A Jaynes
29 August K Claiborne T Marseglia S Kroenlein
5 September B Coffey B McElmurry G Kupiec
12 September S Collins P Mills T Marseglia
19 September J Falat M Nash-Swink B McElmurry
26 September S Heyer R Osborn P Mills
3 October A Jaynes J Robertson M Nash-Swink
10 October S Kroenlein M Sinnott R Osborn
17 October G Kupiec P Smith J Robertson
24 October T Marseglia V Sneed M Sinnott
1 November B McElmurry E Spann P Smith
7 November P Mills D Stayton V Sneed
14 November M Nash-Swink S Vanvooren E Spann
21 November R Osborn T Anderson D Stayton
28 November J Robertson B Becque S Vamvooren
5 December M Sinnott F Becque T Anderson
12 December P Smith D Becque B Becque
19 December V Sneed W Becque F Becque

† Greeter/Introductions: Arrive by 6:55 am.

  • Greet each member.
  • Sign in each guest; obtain the correct spelling and correct pronunciation.
  • Greet any visiting Rotarians.
  • Introduce each guest separately so we can greet them individually by first name.

* Moment of Reflection: 1 - 2 minutes.

  • Recognizing the diversity of Rotarians, prepare a non-demominational, non-ecumenical "Thought for the Day".

‡ Rotary Insight: 3 minutes.

  • Report on an aspect of Rotary we might not otherwise know.

² Classification Talk: 3 minutes.

  • A short talk on your career and/or classification.

³ Getting to Know Ourselves: 3 minutes.

  • A talk about your volunteer activities, unique hobbies, special skills beyond your profession, or other interesting activity or experience.

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